Frequently Asked Questions

How prices are determined on A ship in a bottle

Many factors are involved when it comes to pricing a ship in a bottle,, Capt. Steve never figures into the selling price as cost rather high or low but actual value. You’re more expensive bottles when normally have several things or one of these things and entailed,

The actual ship in the bottle, is it hand carved? Painted? Patina? Rigging? How complex is the rigging? Is the ship in a bottle named? Over all condition of the ship in bottle.


A ship him the bottle that is in a bottle that contains bubbles in the actual glass is one way of determining the age of the bottle, we can definitely date the bottle by looking for bubbles. If the model ship and bottle has bubbles we know that it’s early glass probably pre-1920s. This is a very desirable factor when purchasing an antique ship in a bottle.what we have found over the years is that new or glass has less flaws and is clear.

Diorama Ship in a Bottle

Many of the European bottles quaint villages and small towns placed against the sea itself we have several bottles in stock that demonstrate this fine art.The ship in a bottle can have several things in the diorama normal you’ll find trees Hills houses Staples and of course the lighthouse, generally speaking the more determines the price.

Is my Ship in the bottle buy cipro online going to appreciate in value?

Generally speaking yes. My collection started as a hobby 15 years ago I was living on the coast really wanted to open a nautical antique store since then I’ve seen the prices rise by 200%.

One of a kind?

Since China has entered the market the labor cost there has put quite a few duplicate ships and bubbles on the market, one way that I can tell is normally the Chinese models and or the Philippine models will have tricolor or colored darts at the top of the mast. Now sevaral of the antique ones have darts on top of the mast but you can tell their old and patina has set in, but for Chinese models look at the rigging it is normally simple and you’ll find up several balls actually in the rigging. The one thing that Chinese have not been able to catch onto his is the background scenery on one’s manufactured in China. Antique ship and bottle models will normally have scenery such as clouds and blue sky.


Capt. Steve likes to use United States post office priority mail, I will ship worldwide, BUT, you will be immediately invoiced via paypal for the extra shipping cost. If you would like insurance that is optional and you need to contact me via email or phone before you make your purchase. There is one area of the world where I’ve had problems shipping product into it and that is Australia.

International shipping takes a minimum of 14 days to arrive.